Tricking antivirus solutions into deleting the wrong files on Windows

Security research Or Yair discovered a method to trick antivirus and endpoint security solutions into deleting legitimate files on Windows systems. Yair found out that he could manipulate endpoint detection and response and antivirus programs so that these programs would function as data wipers on Windows devices. Prompt for Reboot. Source: SafeBreach Labs The discovered […]

How to Contact Microsoft Office 365 Support?

If you're using Microsoft Office 365, you've most likely encountered a situation where something is not working right. This can happen in various forms, and maybe you are just curious to get some technical feedback from Microsoft's support department. Whatever it is, here are the steps that you'd follow to contact them. Is Microsoft Office […]

Dropbox acquires cloud encryption service Boxcryptor

The founders of the cloud encryption service BoxCryptor announced this week that Dropbox has acquired the company's intellectual product. According to the announcement on the official Boxcryptor blog, Dropbox acquired IP technology from Boxcryptor, but not customer data. Dropbox plans to use the technology to bring zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption to its products. Boxcryptor will work […]

LastPass suffers another data breach, says customer data was stolen

LastPass has been breached for a second time this year. The cloud-based password manager suffered a data breach in August 2022, which resulted in some source code and proprietary technical information being stolen. LastPass suffers another data breach Karim Toubba, the CEO of LastPass has published a notice on the company's blog to inform users […]

Microsoft Excel November updates bring Show Changes and more

Microsoft introduced several new and updated features to Excel in November that bring a series of useful new features as well as the implementation of Fluent Design principles to bring a smoother and more modern look to the command bar and ribbon. The November updates are spread across multiple device instances, with a full breakdown […]

Bittorrent Client qBittorrent v4.5.0 released

A new major version of the BitTorrent client qBittorrent has been released. The new release, qBittorrent v4.5.0, comes with a huge number of improvements and fixes. Windows users need to be aware that qBittorrent v4.5.0 is offered as a 64-bit version only; this should not affect most users, but is still noteworthy.  Another note: Windows […]

Backup software Macrium Reflect Free is being retired

Many Ghacks users use the backup software Macrium Reflect Free for their backup tasks on their Windows devices. The free for non-commercial use version is being retired by parent company Paramount Software UK Limited on January 1, 2024. Users of Macrium Reflect Free may receive information about the end of the product as a service […]

Hasleo Backup Suite 3.0 launches with file backups and other improvements

Hasleo Backup Suite 3.0 is the latest version of the free backup solution for Windows, which I reviewed back in mid-2021 for the first time. Just like previous versions, Hasleo Backup Suite is compatible with all versions of Windows starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. The initial version of Hasleo Backup Suite supported […]


We’re pulling out the microscope this month. Whether you’re just doing research or you’re troubleshooting a discrepancy, viewing accounting transaction history can be incredibly useful. Check out the narrated video here. Setup Programs Customer, Vendor, Employee, Item, and GL Account Setup profiles allow you to view a detailed transaction history. From the menu, highlight the […]